Wednesdays with Donna Hay: Dukkah Roasted Chicken

11 02 2015

Our Donna Hay recipe of the week was selected by Gaye and is Dukkah roasted chicken with couscous and tahini yoghurt (p54 Donna Hay Magazine Dec/Jan 15).   For some reason I didn’t have coriander leaves (cilantro, as it’s known here in California), so I roasted potatoes “hassleback” style instead of making the couscous.  We really enjoyed this…the spice mixture is quite flavorful!

The Dukkah came first…it’s an Egyptian spice mixture made of ground nuts (I used cashews and pistachios) and seeds (sesame, coriander, cumin, fennel, peppercorns) all toasted and ground together.  I was tickled with the aromas from the toasting seeds…oh my!!  Super aromatic!!  Rather than roasting a whole spatchcocked (cut to lie flat by removing the backbone) chicken, I used two bone-in chicken breasts and we had plenty left over.  I did make the tahini and yogurt sauce to go with the chicken….  I don’t know that I have an opinion about that one way or the other.  It was “okay.”  The chicken was simply the star of the show.  We also had a salad on the side, to round out the meal.

If you’d like to cook along with us, please visit our blog page, Wednesdays with Donna Hay.  Our cooking schedule is on the right sidebar, and these ladies are wonderful about sharing the harder to find recipes.  Donna Hay is in Australia….and I’m pretty excited about the recipes I’ve found on her web page!!




5 responses

16 03 2015

Yeah, I agree about the yogurt/tahini. Not something I would like at all. But those hasselback potatoes – yes please.

16 02 2015

I really enjoyed this meal, and am glad you did too. Your hasselback potatoes look delish.

13 02 2015
Sarah, Simply Cooked

I love Hasselback potatoes also. They are so great to look at and easy to make. They seem like a good addition to this chicken because I see that you just roasted them alongside. Clever.

12 02 2015

The Hasselback potatoes is a wonderful idea as a side dish and I would have liked it better than the couscous. You are one smart lady.

11 02 2015

Oh, Glennis, that all looks wonderful. I just love Hasselback potatoes (first found the recipe in a Scandinavian cookbook back in 1977 and have been making them ever since). I figured I would do the butchering this round but after this I am with you, I will just use the spice on pieces of chicken, pork, beef, and fish as I think it would go with all that! It was a nice blend, fun to discover something new. Dinner at your place looks wonderful!

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