WWD: White fish with Pine Nut Brown Butter~

21 02 2015

I love seeing how 5 women in different parts of the world prepare the same recipes.  It never ceases to amaze me how we all do the same thing…but each with their own touches….WWD-pinenutbutterfish2This week our recipe, chosen by Kayte, is White Fish with Pine Nut Browned Butter from Donna Hay’s book, New Food Fast.  The recipe can also be found on line here.  One of the things that truly fascinated me was the different varieties of fish we chose!  I was leaning toward Tilapia until I spied Pacific Rockfish!  Very mildly flavored and firm, these little fillets were perfect for this recipe.

WWD-pinenutbutterfish1Although I don’t feel like I browned my butter enough, we still enjoyed this dish quite a lot.   The fish still picked up a lot of the butteriness…a lot.  Buttery…and it might be too rich if it weren’t for that little bit of lemon.  We’ll do this one again.  I served it with broccoli…but sauteed Swiss Chard is screaming to me with this recipe.

If you’d like to cook along with us, stop by Wednesdays with Donna Hay.  The recipes are on the sidebar….




4 responses

16 03 2015

So many different fish to chose from Each of us used a different one. Looks tasty, Glennis.

22 02 2015

It was fun seeing how everyone did with this dish and the fish they chose to use for it. Loved the sauce, definitely a repeat here. I think it would work well with chicken or pork also. Yours looks great…I love the broccoli choice as well…no matter how much broccoli I buy, there is never any left at the end of the week, we all love it…and that includes the kids since they were barely able to hold a fork in hand. Happy you liked the recipe. 🙂

22 02 2015

It is good fun. Your fish looks delicious. I really enjoyed this too.

21 02 2015
Sarah, Simply Cooked

Yes, it is interesting how each of us interprets the same recipe differently. I really enjoy seeing the little tweaks. I think we mirror this every time we repeat a recipe, too, since the next time won’t usually be exactly the same as this time (for example: Swiss chard versus broccoli!).

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