Thai Omelet

22 10 2018

I just couldn’t seem to pull myself together to get out of the house tonight.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do about the evening repast, but I was holding my options open for take out.  The trouble with take out is…it’s still the local food.  Now…some of the local food is good, but nothing is AMAZING…  That’s what’s driven me to cook all the while we’ve lived here.  Tonight didn’t work out a lot differently.

I’ve been trying to pull a menu together for next week…we’re going to be busier than usual for a few weeks.  I have a magnetic calendar on the front of the fridge…and as I walked past, the words “Thai Omelets” jumped off the page at me.  I pulled up the recipe from Thai-Foodie, and found I had everything either in the fridge or the garden.  Yes!!

This is one of those, whatever you have on hand recipes.  The base recipe is eggs, fish sauce, a dribble of sweet soy, and a bitty dusting of (Thai) white pepper.  Start the pan (wok) with oil and get it screaming hot…smoking just a little bit…stir in the garlic & green onion, then pour in the beaten, seasoned eggs and cook until the edges are well set, then turn the whole thing (use 2 spatulas). Serve over mounds of steamed rice.  It’s really easy.

My version went something like this…  Since I had fresh mushrooms, I sauteed those before anything else…then cooked a stick of Vietnamese sausage – tasty stuff, but I wasn’t expecting the unique flavors in my sausage.  I made a chiffonade of swiss chard fresh from the garden, and we were ready to go.  I started the garlic and green onions, then added the sauteed mushrooms, followed by the strips of chard.  As soon as those items were nicely cooked, I poured in the eggs (the eggs also had a squeeze of fresh lime in the mix).  You have to play your heat just a little to get it done all the way around without scorching it, but it cooks pretty quickly.  The flip wasn’t as hard as it sounds.  I cut ours in 2 pieces, one for each of us and served it with chile-garlic paste (Sambal) and soy on the side.

The cooking method and tastes aren’t quite like what we think of as an omelet…but like with the sausage, there’s flavors in their we just aren’t anticipating!  I confess…I was anticipating a bit of fire, but I wasn’t expecting the sweet & sour.  In fact…it was a good thing I cooked the sausage in a separate pan…the sugar cooked out a little and caramelized all over.  Sticky!  But tasty!