Busy time of year…

24 05 2008

The school year is winding down…8 more student days, 9 with teachers, 14 total working days left in the year.  Where does the time go?  All the activities take their toll on our time, so there’s not a lot of creative things going on here in the kitchen.  It’s basic kitchen and grill grub right now.

Egg drop soup and either pot stickers (from Trader Joes) or a salad is one of our quick meals these days.  That goes together so fast!  We’ve got onions and snow peas in the garden, so into the soup they go!  If it holds still and the weather is right, the meat goes on the grill and maybe the veggies too.  We did a hot dog and bratwurst weekend last week…too much going on!  Since then we’ve been having winds up to 40 mph (exit one glass patio table…grrrr!), so cooking outside hasn’t been possible.  I had to break down and nuke a lasagne the other night…talk about desperation! It wasn’t all that bad…we had snow crab salads one night…chicken and snow peas in cream sauce over pasta another…

I’ve got a pork loin begging for special attention.  What can I say…pork dropped to $1.67/# so I bought 10#.  Last night I did a roast in the pressure cooker.  I had seasoned it with Penzey’s Northwoods seasoning days ago, so into the pot it went…browned in olive oil, then browned potatoes to go in later, popped into the PC (not the computer!!) and jiggle-jiggle for 25 minutes, add the potatoes, cook another 6 minutes, and dinner was ready.  It was mighty tasty too!!  Tonight, I’m looking at doing the Poblano Cream…with boneless pork loin chops.  It’s chilly, rainy and a bit windy.  Not a bad night to have a supper baking in the oven!

All I can say for sure is I’m ready to be HOME for awhile.  I know the days are ticking off, and I know the 6 weeks following will fly by, but I’m so ready! LOL!