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23 03 2022

No two cooks make salsa exactly the same way. We all use the basics…tomatoes, onions, chiles, and seasonings. I suppose spaghetti sauce is much the same when we aren’t following a recipe precisely. Peanut sauce is right up there in the middle.

This excursion into Peanut Sauce comes to us from She Simmers… This is her mother’s recipe, all the more precious because her mother has ventured to the hereafter. Easy Thai Peanut Sauce We’re trying to decide which sauce we like best for our “house” sauce – and we are going through it!

We liked the ACF Peanut Sauce from 2018… However…it’s not a cooked sauce and we rather like the flavors of the red curry paste. So, while the ACF was held in high favor…we’re still testing and trying. Thai Foodie’s Legit Peanut Sauce is almost exactly the same as the the sauce from She Simmers. Cooking the sauce improves the flavor of the sauce…

Now…let me let you in on a little secret… I went to my local Asian market and found an entire end-cap FULL of jars of peanut butter…JIF peanut butter!! Lol…. With all the added sugars and emulsifiers… It really made me laugh… Lol…. I’m still buying…Adams!