Hi, I’m Glennis, my beloved spouse is Bruce, and we’re just a couple of folks who enjoy good food, and the search for it.  Sometimes you’ll find info about where we’ve eaten, and sometimes you’ll find recipes.  Sometimes you’ll find excuses for why I’m not cooking!  We live in Northern California…north of Sacramento, but not in the snowy regions.  We’re near the top of the Central Valley.  If you need to email me, tablemtn.ca@gmail.com will get a message to us.  Thanks for stopping by!


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28 06 2008

Hi, I am a Whisk Wednesday’s participant and I was hoping to find your email here so that I could send you a copy of an email I am sending around off the site with some little “helps” maybe about this week’s recipe. If you would like to receive this email, please email me at the address that came with this message. Thank you! And, welcome to Whisk Wednesdays!

26 11 2007

Can’t Believe We Ate…is our weblog of the various places we’ve dined. Some bitter, some sweet. Read along with us as we travel and nosh!

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