I should have made the soup…

3 12 2007

Greetings! What are you up to? The concerts went well…but we sure didn’t eat much for a few days! The timing was horrid! Last night we ate at Oroville’s The Depot. This is a place that can run hot and cold…just like the seasons, and in more than one way. Last night was a good night. We both ordered Prime Rib, but the cut we wanted was sold out, so we elected to give their Rib Eye a go. Both of us were beef hungry…I can’t remember the last red meat we ate. Including burgers, it’s been at least a couple of weeks. I’m serious! Remember Thanksgiving? *Ü* The steaks were nicely seasoned and cooked appropriately (rare, and med. rare). It was as good as it gets at The Depot. The management has truly lost sight of how to run a dinner house. 100% totally and completely. Nuff said about that.

Tonight, we were still tired, and I was in no mood to cook after a marathon early month shopping trip, so dining out was necessary. Argh. This is not a town one shops in town in during the first 4 days of any month. It’s rude and scary. I survived, and lived to drag the hubster out for Chinese.

We live in a culinary wasteland. We have one dinner house, and 2 casinos with dining. I can’t say what they have, because I still haven’t been to either of them. It’s my own thing, I guess. So, that’s 1 dinner house, 1, no 2 Chinese restaurants and 2 more sort of Asian fast food places, 1 Thai restaurant, 4 Mexican sit-down restaurants, 3 or 4 Taquerias, a couple BBQ joints, and a Soul Cooking place. There are 2 chain coffee shops, and 2 more coffee shops that are only open early in the day. The rest is fast food and pizza. Out of these, the food is mostly mediocre to moderately good. There’s nothing to write home about. We can’t lay claim to the best darn anything here.

Chinese… We have a place in town that is literally historical…that’s HIStorical not HYSterical. A family owned and operated restaurant that been here for ages. Tong Fong Low… another place that runs hot and cold. Sometimes it’s so darn good, and others, well… Tonight was an “eh, ok..” night. I don’t know if it’s because our sense of taste is off…(but then we really enjoyed that steak last night…) It seemed like everything tonight was overdosed with cornstarch and under-dosed with flavor. C’mon…Hot and sour soup is supposed to make you catch your breath at least a little…sweat a tiny bit…pucker pleasantly…nah. “Not so much,” as The Hubster just said. The Sesame Chicken was ok, again…short on flavor, but as nicely congealed as the intensely red, rubbery puddle of sweet and sour sauce. Yum. The Chiu Yim ribs, however, seemed ok, as did the House Special chow mein. Like I said, hot and cold.

In the meanwhile, I did do a powerful lot of shopping, so at least I can cook to my heart’s content. We have the makings for paella, pot roast and pork tamales. I’m so ready!




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