We took a gamble on the casino…

22 12 2007

And celebrated my birthday there with friends. What a pleasant surprise! We were invited to join friends for the “Early Bird Special,”which was plenty of food, with nice selections. The Gold Country Casino Steakhouse offered Shrimp Primavera, a catch of the day special, Teriyaki grilled chicken or 8 oz Prime Rib, with choice of garden or Caesar salad and dessert for $16.95 per person. Although the choices were somewhat limited, the food was quite good and the service impeccable. Something Oroville is NOT famous for is service! Their menu can be found here: http://www.goldcountrycasino.com/dining/steakhouse/steakhouse.htm I’m anxious to go back and try some of their regular entrees. I had the prime rib, cut excellently, served exactly to order, however…the seasoning was a bit on the bland side. Salt might have helped some, but it was really difficult to get to the salt with all the various things on the table. They claim to be 4 star…not sure who is to have awarded their stars, but they do have a 4 star atmosphere…if you can overlook that damn flashing casino sign against the highway backdrop. They do get extra credit for having Valet parking…free…and nicely managed – at least as far as we could tell. Pitfalls? You have to walk through the casino to get to the stairs or elevators to get to the restaurant on the 6th floor. I guess you can’t have everything! Yes, I’d go back…and I’m withholding judgment until that time.




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