WW-Sole Belle Meuniere, and other things

21 10 2008

I’m on time for a change! How did that happen???  Well, to tell you the truth, I’ve been having back spasms for the past 2 days, so I’ve been off my work desk, organizing labor here at home.  We’ve been very productive!!

Sunday found us home, and catching up the fried fish lesson sounded just perfect to me.  I missed the initial airing of Pommes Pont Neuf (French Fries, twice cooked), so this sounded like a perfect time to add that to our mix. I confess…I didn’t make mayo-tartar sauce.  I was already a little on the tired side from some of my weekend chores, so I skipped that part. I just found another package of cod in the freezer, so…next time!  I loved the anglaise breading.  I, too, used panko.  My photography skills bombed about this time too, so the picture didn’t come out as well as it could have.  Still, twas a right tasty meal…NOT as good as in Vancouver, BC, but tasty nonetheless!

Monday night, the spasms were on the nasty side, so I did something I could throw in a skillet and let cook…lamb curry.  Now, I don’t know if my curry is authentic, or tastes as it should, I just know how I make it and that we like it.  Basically, it’s a braise with curry powder added, and it’s really yummy over rice.  I think Basmati rice would have been good, but I had Jasmine rice handy, so I used that.  And we ate every bit of it.  Not all at one sitting, mind you.

Oh look…what finally got ripe…our tomatillos!  I’m not sure what’s up but we suddenly have a HUGE glut of tomatillos.  First, a dozen or so came in, then some more, then about 3 gallons more…  It’s suddenly Canning Time!  With back spasms going on, standing over a counter processing fruit-veggies-what EVER they are!- wasn’t working for me.  Enter #1 Hubster!  We managed to get the first load all canned by evening, and he brought in that additional 3 gallons he’s going to work on tomorrow.  I think this time we’ll be processing quarts rather than pints.  We did semi-cold pack, the rest may be done more like hot-pack.

And that brings us to the October 22nd assignment for Wednesday Whisk…Sole Belle Meuniere.  Sole cooked the way “Belle” makes them, with brown butter is the literal translation.  We found this absolutely wonderful!  It was light and delicate, yet rather elegant in it’s simplicity.  Neither of us needed any other accompaniments to the fish.  It was lightly crisp, and delicately browned.  Oh yum.

I don’t know what will pop out of my cauldron next. I’m in the mood for food. Slow, complex, wonderful food.  I’m thinking we should have dessert…wonder what Dorie has up her sleeve???  See you next time!