Class 21 – Tilapia aux almandes

6 02 2009

It’s already been established that my trout escapade didn’t go well.  Still, I wanted to try the recipe, so I selected another fish.  Tilapia.  Although the fish are not the least bit alike, tilapia fillets were available.  There are few fish available whole here.  Fewer yet that are pan size, unless you happen to fish for yourself.  Tilapia is one of my favorites.  It’s mild.  Doesn’t smell or taste fishy (when properly cared for)…

Following the recipe from LCB, I seasoned the fish, dredged them in flour and cooked them in hot olive oil and butter.  Actually, all the dishes in this meal were cooked in the same pan.  The rice was fried with garlic, green onions and scrambled egg, then seasoned with soy sauce and toasted sesame oil.  It was scooped off into a bowl, the pan rinsed, and then we sauteed the asparagus.  The asparagus was cut on an angle, at one inch intervals, with the tips set aside.  Using only olive oil, the asparagus stem pieces were flipped and tossed with a bit of salt, until almost crisp tender.  Then, the tips were added, and the cooking continued until the asparagus had a great crunch, but was juicy inside.  The asparagus was poured off to a shallow dish while the fish cooked.


We paired this with a Beaulieu Vineyards Riesling.  I don’t know where I saw to pair either tilapia, or the trout almondine with a riesling, but it did go well.  We had a great deal of fun tasting the wine with the different dishes to see how the taste changed.  Tasted behind the almonds, the riesling tasted a bit acid, a tad sweet and had a bright flavor.  Tasted behind the rice, the wine was much more acidic which wasn’t bad, but not at all as exciting as behind the almonds.  Alone, the riesling is a bit sweet, a bit dry, a bit acidic, a bit fruity.   A complete and total change in flavor was discovered when we tasted the riesling behind the asparagus.  It became velvety smooth and rich with almost buttery sweetness and fruit.  It was such an incredible difference!  The BV Riesling was find, but I still prefer the Chateau Ste. Michelle, WA Riesling.

I think that catches me up to the point where I’m totally backwards.  Oxymoronic?  More than likely.
Until the next time….




4 responses

13 02 2009

I LOVE trout and I love almonds. Perfect combo for me.

7 02 2009

Interesting how the wine changed with each part of the meal. This was one of my favorite fish meals!

7 02 2009

OH MY…your entire meal looks so good! I especially was interested in your rice/egg side dish…Joe would love this!

It’s so much fun to try different wines as you did!

7 02 2009

I love your Tilapia. That looks great. The rice too! Great idea about using one pan.

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