Marx Iron Foodie 2010

12 11 2010

It’s official…the contestant list was published today.  My blog is there.  OMGosh.  This is going to be FUN!!  Like most of the contestants, I love the “think out of the box” cooking shows…Iron Chef, Chopped…that’s why I love the Royal Foodie Joust so much.   I  never know for sure what ingredients we’ll have to work with, but I know I’ve got a month to think about it and…mentally chew on it, if you will…   So, the curiosity is driving me c r a z y !!!

What might be in the secret box of ingredients from Marx Foods…  Let’s look at this logically…is there another way?  If the “ship” date was scheduled for Nov. 11th…yesterday was a National holiday.  Not a whole lot of shipping actually went on…so we know between that and the outside target date for food arrival of Nov. 22nd…whatever is in that box can be without refrigeration at least 11 days.  Eliminate all fresh products that require refrigeration.  Only 3 are required elements, the rest are “thank you for playing” gifts.  I would anticipate that to suggest perhaps not all items in the box are edible.   Now, let’s think like a businessman instead of a chef-in-training…  Actually, think like that chef…  What do I have that I need to move and find a good way to promote and market?  Enter one Iron Foodie contest, with 25 contestants extolling my company’s virtues, and working up 25 different recipes for some products people can’t quite get a grasp on…  Sheer genius.  Thanks guys!  Love the opportunity!

Having said all that…and knowing that the “ship by” date has passed, my best guesses for what might be hiding in the secret box are:
1)  A grain…I’m thinking Emmer flour or flakes.
2)  Beans, dried…I’m thinking Stuben Yellow Eye beans
3)  Spice…Saffron threads
4)  Dry pasta…perhaps a gluten free product?
5)  Sugar…Org. evaporated cane juice
6)  Salt…perhaps Black Sea salt?
7)  Oil…porcini oil perhaps…
8)  Dried mushrooms…how about wild black trumpet mushrooms?

I actually think there will be a package of palm leaf eco plates in place of one of my “guess” ingredients.  That’s what I think might be packed in the box.  Then…there are my fantasy ingredients…balsamic vinegar.  No question.  And it’s on my shopping list!  LOL!  I’d be so overjoyed if truffles were in the box…but I don’t know how well they ship and I don’t know…well, I admit I know nothing about truffles, but oh…how I’d like to learn!   I’m also sure that a dozen sweet little oysters won’t be part of the box, but…hey, talk about fantasy!  *grin*  I also didn’t include rice in my guesses…too heavy.  So, my fantasy box would contain some Himalayan red rice.    Chilies are another light-weight item that could be in the boxes…they wouldn’t be in my fantasy box.  They have their place…and I can access chilies without much difficulty…right now it’s a matter of going out to the garden.  Yes…I know it’s November.  Tell Mother Nature.  One plant is still blooming…the cascabel.   Another possibility is lentils…though I didn’t consider them due to their weight either.  So my fantasy box also contains black beluga lentils.

Oh…but what will the real box contain…and what will be the three mandatory ingredients?  The curiosity and suspense is delicious…  Hmmmm….  Well, that’s not what’s cookin’ in the kitchen tonight.  I’ll just have to continue with my usual routine until the mail runs again!




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