Thirty Minute Thursday: Maccheroni with Pancetta and Ricotta~

14 04 2011

My Thirty Minute Pasta dish this week is Maccheroni with Pancetta and Ricotta.  I didn’t have the size macaroni they suggested, so I pulled out some very macaroni-esque tri-colored pasta that I did have, and made do with that.  This is another dish that goes together really quickly.  A quick sauté of a few seasoning vegetables and pancetta,  a quick stir of the ricotta and parmesan, mix together in a bowl with hot, freshly drained pasta, and you’ve got an entreé!

Tasting Notes~
Not one of my favorites…which is definitely not to say it wasn’t good.  It was.  And it was ever so easy.  It’s just not a recipe I’d select over some of the others.  And yet…if these were the ingredients I had handy…I’d fix it again.  It was a little on the bland side…and the texture didn’t work well for me.  I’m just that way with some textures…and I know I’m not alone in that.   I might add a bit of this and some of that and see how it comes out the next time…  I’ll let you know!  LOL!

Look Who’s Cooking~
Over at Grandma’s Kitchen Table, I found that Kayte was busy making Fusilli con le Zucchine Giaffe e Ciliegini (Fusilli with Yellow Squash and Grape Tomatoes).  First off…follow the link.  No, I’m serious…I’ll wait.  The picture is worth the visit!  Don’t worry…it’ll open in another window…go take a look!  Isn’t that a gorgeous photo?  I love it!  And I love Kayte’s selection this week.  What a fun dish!  I’m sure it went really well with steak just off the grill!  We’ll be seeing more and more of these kinds of recipes as the Summer approaches!

I’m very excited about cooking from this book through the summer.  A couple fresh tomatoes, a bit of basil and you’re good to go!  Bonus scores if you can add fresh from the vine summer squash or peppers!  I love that this book works really well with a summer garden!  Even if you have to grow a few things in pots, you really should treat yourself to a few pots of basil and a nice, solid looking Italian or paste tomato plant.  If you’ve got the space for a zucchini, you won’t be sorry.  The male flowers are edible as well as the squash itself.  My goal is to have enough male flowers to be able to fix stuffed squash blossoms.  I’ll get there!  LOL!




One response

15 04 2011

Awww…you are so sweet about the photo. Point and shoot, that’s all I know how to do. lol Okay, I have to say that this pasta you made sounds good but the photo is a bit crazy…it is not the most photographic one we have made, is it? I like all the ingredients, though! I, too, am looking forward to keeping up with the book this summer. I have next week’s already made and then for the next one, I am thinking I am going to try one of the soups in the book. Is there any dessert pasta in there….I’m going to check…lol!

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