TFF~Horseradish and Garlic Prime Rib

17 06 2009

Our 27th wedding anniversary was last Friday.  We had so much going on we couldn’t even think about having a special meal to commemorate the occasion.  We didn’t even have time to go out! LOL!  It’s not every year that school ends, your wedding anniversary drops by and your granddaughter graduates from high school.  Thankfully, that doesn’t all go on very often.   We had to put off our Friday night for another night, but you’ll never know the difference!


My offering for Tyler Florence Fridays this week is Tyler’s  Horseradish and Garlic Prime Rib!  This recipe hit a home run in our books.  The recipe was perfectly simple, easy to follow, to the point of  being true as I cut the recipe in half.  I used a 3# roast.  I didn’t adjust the rub at all.  I figured there wasn’t that much exterior surface difference between a 3 and 6 pound roast.  Since I used a smaller roasting pan, I used half as many vegetables in the pan, and that seemed just right.  I didn’t make the wild mushroom sauce.  Instead, I deglazed the pan (drippings were used for Tyler’s Yorkshire Popovers, but that’s another post!) with about a cup of cabernet, reduced that by half and added some really thick beef stock from my own stash.  That simmered with the vegetables while the popovers cooked, and everything was ready the moment the popovers were out of the oven.


Both of us agreed, this was a good solid recipe for Prime Rib.  We liked the crunch and nip of the horseradish and garlic.  I’d like to see how it is with kosher salt rather than sea salt.  That textural difference might be a bit more crunchy and a little less salty.   There are no complaints though.  The cooking time of 20 minutes per pound was right on for me.  Outstanding Tyler!  It was a great anniversary dinner, regardless of when we had it!




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26 06 2009
Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

Happy belated anniversary! The prime rib looks awesome and such wonderful flavors with horseradish and garlic!

21 06 2009

Happy Anniversary! That is one delicious meal! I’d love to guide our readers to your site if you won’t mind.Just add this foodista widget to this post and it’s all set to go, Thanks!

21 06 2009

Happy Anniversary! I love a good prime rib with lots of garlic. Who needs to go out for dinner when you have something this good!

20 06 2009

happy 27th anniversary! that looks really good.

20 06 2009

Happy Anniversary!
A wonderful choice for an anniversary dinner too.

19 06 2009

This looks and sounds absolutely fabulous. Is there anything better then Prime Rib!

Happy Anniversary!

18 06 2009

Congrats on your anniversary and your grandaughter’s graduation!! The prime rib looks perfectly cooked and so yummy. We love prime rib in our house : )

18 06 2009

Wow you HAVE been busy and congrats on your anniversary. 27 years is quite a feat!

This prime rib looks great. I have never made it myself but I love ordering it out. Seems like such a good recipe, I’ll have to check it out.

18 06 2009

That looks so delectable. I love prime rib, though I grilled it the last time we had it at home. It just isn’t the same, though.

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