Mussels, Maraschino liqueur and Muscadet

25 04 2009

You might ask yourself what these 3 items have in common aside from beginning with the letter m…they’re 3 things I need for 3 Whisk Wednesday sessions.  Mussels were this week.  Muscadet is recommended for the sabayon for the sauce for next week, and we’ll be needing Maraschino liqueur the week after.  They’re also ingredients I am currently unable to obtain here.  And I REALLY tried!!!  I went to the Seafood Roadshow…found a few broken shells, and a couple with gaping shells…but not enough mussels left alive to even think of buying.  No…they didn’t have any more.  I asked.  Next.  They had 4 mussels left.  That wasn’t a lot of help either.  Next.  The next store didn’t even make a pretense of having HAD mussels.  Ok…those were my best options for shellfish I’d consider eating.  Off to search for Muscadet and Maraschino liqueur.

Searching for any wine or liqueur here is easy.  There are only a couple of stores known for having any kind of variety of anything.  If they don’t have it, you’re buying on-line.  Thankfully, here in CA we can do that.  I think the closest Bev-Mo is 80 odd miles away…if I’m lucky.  I know I can find both Maraschino liqueur and Muscadet on line…but not likely at the same place.  We’ll see.

So…mussels, again, elude me.  One of these weeks, on the new schedule, I’ll have a few nights off and I’ll find mussels and have a mussel-fest.  How crazy this is!  LOL!  Until then, dry white wine will have to do for a sauce for the oysters.  I did find oysters, though not many.  They had 4…and I bought them all.  And I didn’t see another oyster all day.  And I found osso bucco “veal shanks” and bought them.  I have to admit, the hardest thing about cooking Le Cordon Bleu so far has been the challenge of finding some of the ingredients!!




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